About Us



We built KavinShop.com to cater to people like us. And to people who is not much into fashion but needs guidance with what to put in their travel bags, we aim to be of service.

KavinShop.com partners with global up-and-coming clothing manufacturers to bring you a carefully selected products that will suit your budget needs and various clothing style. We built our collection to tailor the various travel categories that your upcoming trip may fall under.

We at KavinShop.com have experienced ourselves the various types of travel. We were once management consultants who traversed the financial districts of Asia for the next client meetings. We had out initiation rite on the backpacking life in Europe and partied like crazy in Berlin. And we just recently completed our long-term backpacking across Latin America. And we believe that these experiences need the right set of clothing and luggage.

Your online shopping security is of utmost importance to us. As we slowly build up our payment gateways, we our making available for the meantime the trusted Paypal.

KavinShop.com is still on its debut stage, and we would love you to be part of this journey. As we continue to enhance the user-experience of our platform, feel free to hit us a chat message or drop us an email.


Yours sincerely,